Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latest photos

This beggar woman comes up to me at my preferred coconut stall....

....and as they do, she shows me her claw-like shambles of a foot for added impact

Unimpressed due to seeing women with hands and feet missing completely, not to mention men with their eyes rotting into their skull, I show her a scratch on my leg from a thorn bush...she thought that was pretty funny !

....but then but her a coconut anyway !

A top-of-the-line, high-end coconut for "not just drinking" no less !

This poor old character nods off to sleep pretty much wherever he happens to do so, see him all over the place, this time it was right in the middle of the Ramanashramam car park

Local electrician hooking up some new lighting at the hotel, 
usually the boys do it themselves, that is if they don't just run a few  
semi-permanent extension cords across the gardens, this must have been important. 
There is a computer cable that runs all across the lawns and gardens, right around the swimming pool area and into the restaurant. It's been there the entire time I've been here.

And my usual favourite smiley face. Every time I walk past the family stall now she yells out to take photos of her then tries to act all shy when I do. Sooner or later I catch her with the huge smile, it's become a bit of a game.

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