Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photos, photos, photos.

There is probably a caption to write here but I shall refrain (insert Southpark Face !)

Always the cricket, everywhere and anywhere, the kids will play cricket

Here are the cheeky monkeys, I have posted them before. Every time they see me now they yell out "cheeky monkeys" then ask for a biscuit or one pen ?  One chocolate ? Two rupees !

The candyfloss guy (how odd)

This is a typical sight at times, a leper rotting to pieces, 
puts whatever problems you think you have into perspective

Even with his eye rotting into his skull he manages a sort of a smile

(Sue just told me via skype as I am doing this very caption that there are some things better left off the blog, but hey, this is what I see everyday, this sort of thing)

My latest thing, trying to get some of these guys to smile or laugh or whatever

This is Suresh, a highly educated Sadhu who wanders the hill and streets. he teaches English as well. Always asks me for 100 rupees, clever guy.

What about this sadhu baba ?? What a character

This is the daughter

....this is her mother

...then the grandmother. Something happens along the way doesn't it ??

This one I call "zimmer frame baba", he hangs out near my hotel.