Sunday, February 20, 2011

Graham's Food Blog

Standard Indian-style cooking from Shanti Cafe, my preferred eating establishment, internet cafe and travel agent (they also run a school for cheeky monkeys as well and who knows what else) Everything they do is very well done, the staff are superb and the westerners are able to count on them without question.

This is the standard cheese and tomato omelette with banana lassi...exceptional !

The cheese baguette with salad. Usually you wouldn't eat salads in India, at Shanti Cafe no problem at all as there hygiene standards are obviously first rate.

This is the giant spring roll from the restaurant at the hotel. They usually come cut into pieces, as per photo below, I just got this one like this for no good reason really.

This I have pretty much every day. Simple boiled vegetables, usually with naan and curd.

There are various Indian dishes added in here and there but these are dishes I eat often.

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