Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a bunch more photos

Have I shown you plastic goods man yet ?

I thought this great big bear of a man was a pretty cool looking old guy....

So I bought him a coconut !

This guy also was at the coconut stall.... I had to buy him one as well. Good technique, no straw.

This guy is a bit of a con-baba, really knows how to play the camera.

And so does this old woman, she puts on quite an act

I'm pretty sure some of these ones make heaps

This is the preferred coconut woman, she is very cool

She does the coconuts and has the adjoining chai shop

She is very clever, gets you to buy two for the price of two and then gets you to buy one for some old guy who might be hanging around. She is by far the most popular amongst the westerners,even though she is always having a bit of a lend of you. She goes "you want one or two ?"....."Just one thanks" then proceeds to open one, then another for you. 
Doesn't ask for any extra money but you pay her anyway !

This guy will definitely end up in jail. he just wanted to hit someone with a rock !

Dump a load of rubbish and every woman and her dog (and cows) comes in for the action

Corn cob man. They cook them on the roadside, haven't had one yet but they look terrific

Loads of school girls ride their bikes about 20km to school. The Rick-Astley driver is saving to buy his daughter one for high school next year, About 2700 rupees, that's about NZ$80. They are still making these old-fashioned -style bikes new. The girls, all immaculately dressed, look so sort of proper riding along on them.

Remember Wilson off the Tom Hanks movie Castaway ? I believe after that movie he was unable to handle the celebrity and retired to be the head on a rice paddy scarecrow

Meanwhile, back at the ashram....

Meanwhile, back on the road on our one-speed bike !

This woman is walking the Pradakshina