Thursday, February 3, 2011

People and sights I see everyday

This is Kumar, my preferred Rick-Astley driver. he is pretty much the only one I will go with, he is such a lovely man, I may adopt him and his family. He has this uncanny knack of turning up when I need him most. I think to myself "gosh my legs and feet are sore after walking 37km today, I wonder if Kumar is around" Then all of a sudden I hear this BEEP BEEP and here is Kumar "Mr Graaaa-Harm, hello sir" and so that seems to happen about 17 times a day.


The typical cow-in-the-middle-of-traffic scene is a many-times-a-day occurance The cows seem to have right of way.

My preferred coconut lady. Coconuts are just the most amazing drink. When it;'s really hot water sometimes just doesn't do it whereas coconut juice is just amazing. This woman is very funny and very clever. She will open one for you and while drinking that she opens another, She never asks you to pay for the second one but you always do. They put a straw in it so you don't slop it all down yourself.

This was interesting today. A huge queue past Shanti Cafe (my much preferred eating establishment for great omelettes and lassis) It was for getting free cannisters of gas and bags of rice, Not sure who supplies it but like I said somewhere else, no one goes hungry in India anymore apparently. They queue up for hours and make a party of it.

These lovely people have this great little fruit wagon. They are such a beautiful older couple with such beautiful temperament

The ironing people. They have these great big irons full of hot burning embers.

the electrician (scary stuff !)

This guy didn't keep up his daily practice by the looks of things

And my best of all, my preferred sadhu swami baba out on the hill near the inner path. I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when I come near to him. he is absolutely magnificent, I can't begin to describe this feeling. The real-deal for sure, he absolutely totally ignores me when I come near, I always leave 10 rupees under a stone nearby. One day I would like to just sit nearby, his presence is something else. When most of the sadhus see a westerner it's all about cashing in and they let you know it too.