Friday, December 24, 2010

On the beach in Queensland

 This is my "Southpark face", the dead-pan-type face you give when someone says something really odd or maybe just really dumb, you know, the kind of thing a loopy person says to which there is really no reply, a blank sort of a stare that suggests that a nearby rock would be the best place to hide under right now.

So why have I put this on my first blog post ? Well that would be a very good question and deserving of an equally good answer, that being, that I wanted to practice uploading a photo onto the blog and this was the first one I saw whilst browsing. See, everything has it's own logic !

Could just have easily been this one, the "thumbs-up" photo, that's the one you use when you want to give someone the, well, thumbs-up I guess.

Starting my journey toward Arunachala in India with 6 nights on the Gold Coast in Australia, sets the scene for a major contrast between the tacky and soul-less nature of the Gold Coast with the utter sense assault I will get on arrival in India. 6 nights here, Xmas with my two brothers which means West Coast whitebait, Holy Smoke hot smoked salmon (which I bought over with me from NZ) and fresh Queensland prawns. I decided on this time here for two really good reasons, firstly the fantastic weather and secondly the beaches. Well it's been raining non-stop since I arrived, on a plane that was 4 hours late, and is expected to be raining until long after I leave. Still, I have the beach and when it's raining it just means that you get to be on the beach without being burnt to a crisp.

Then there will be four nights in Singapore where the forecast is suggesting wet season type rain for my entire visit there as well. So much for acclimatising. 

Well this is just my first post, something of a practice run and really just typical of the dribble that I will tend to write, often having very little to do with any sort or reality and completely lacking in intelligence.

So what is this place I am going to, this Arunachala ? Well maybe in the next post I will start writing about that.