Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More photos

What about this old guy ?

I was determined to get a smile out of him

 And this boy....

....destined for military service or police force perhaps ?

Now this place, believe it or not, is a very popular local restaurant. I know it doesn't look much but this guy cooks flat out all evening long on this one hot plate.  Plenty of westerners will eat at these places as long as the food is freshly cooked. Plenty of plastic chairs and the place is full all the time (well it would be "full" if it wasn't outside I guess)

This young guy works at the hotel I'm staying at. His name is "Trainee" which is obviously a very common Indian name as there are many who have it

Some men like to sit around and do as little as possible, boss everybody else around.

So what do you do if you need to get your coconut palms across town ? Silly question, you put it on your head and get on the back of a motorbike !

We have seen the swami-beggar-baba latch onto the puppy as a good cash producing vehicle, so what about a baby ? Wouldn't work as well as the puppy though would it ?

Don't see many of these old cars here. They have squillions of them in the big cities as taxis. They are an Indian made version of an old 1960s Fiat I believe.

I love walking round the markets. Sunday morning in particular is a huge market day, though every night also gets quite busy. As usual they love having their photos taken.

The sunrise, the thorns and the dislocated finger !

That topic would damned near make a movie don't you think ?

It's hard to type this (that would be the thorns, my finger is sore and very weak (that would be the dislocation) but I have got a great set of sunrise photos.

Briefly. I was up before dawn and decided to take a few photos. Went out to the hotel car park where I knew I would get a good view of Arunachala but decided to wander down the road a little to find an even better spot. kept on going really and ended up going over onto the Inner path where I was bound to find the perfect spot. Decided to go a little way up a hill which ended up being a long way up the hill. Had to climb some big rocks to get the best position, I was already bleeding all over the place from three different types of thorns that are everywhere. The worst one is a thin viney-type thorn bush that has barb-like thorns that go in different directions, in other words, once it's got you you are toast ! You go to try and pull it off and it sticks into your fingers, then gets on your bloody clothing, then you get a bunch more of it from the rest of the bush....OUCH !! So here I was bleeding all over the place and trying to get up onto some big rocks as fast as possible because the sun was just about to come up over the big hill. I was gripping onto this little edge on a large rock hoping like crazy I wouldn't fall down into this huge thorny bush when my middle finger on the left hand went "crack !" It popped out and immediately pooped back in but all of a sudden I couldn't use it. All the time I had to start clicking a few photos as well because the sun was just starting to come over the hill.

The walk out to the car park turned into a nearly 3 hour thing, no water, no nothing, but as you can see the experience was worth it (I think, I'll tell you tomorrow !) I sat on a huge rock doing my pranayama for half an hour which was just awesome.

Funny thing, I took this photon from the hill and then noticed something in the distance

 So I zoomed in and wouldn't you know it...I mean, does a bear shit in the woods ?? Does an Indian man shit wherever he wants ??