Saturday, February 12, 2011

and....more photos !

and just for a change....more photos !

 Have you noticed I have a fascination with certain subjects ? 
Like the sadhus for sure, overloaded vehicles, children and animals ?
You have to admit, these men are just amazing aren't they ? I have taken photos of 
the women but they are mostly quite uninteresting and all very much the same.

Is it just me or are some of you thinking Star wars character here ?

I means seriously, George Lucas special all the way with this critter !

This guy was so funny, Started out all sort of meditative and serious....

Then starts pulling faces and going quite nutty clowning around

Then he puts his scarf on his head, starts doing all these Kung Fu moves, I could have done an entire blog post with all the photos I took of him.

Most Indians can really strike a pose, this Baba decided to pick his nose...

...and then the other nostril as well !

This rather nice, friendly family were sitting outside their house, 
on the footpath (as you do !) waiting for their transport




Daughter 1

Daughter 2

And token Baba, who lives on their footpath too !