Friday, February 4, 2011

Mango Tree Cave & Virupaksha Cave

Mango Tree Cave is on the lower slopes of Arunachala. A young Ramana Maharshi lived in this cave for some time before going a little further up the hill to Virupaksha Cave. 
Of course from the front view it could be just another little shrine or temple but most of 
these "caves" have been built out to include entrance and sitting areas for visitors.

 Then you go further inside until you see this small opening which you crawl through into the actual cave area. Immediately I know some of you are wincing at the thought of going into such an enclosed space, probably with good reason.

....because inside that small entrance is this very small space under the rock (painted a nice bright green !) where the yogi would often spend many years in complete silence.  For those of us who have no problem entering these spaces it is a truly amazing and peaceful experience and no wonder they sought out caves to sit in (you had to be there !)

This is a little shrine by the Cave

So a little further up the hill you come to Virupaksha Cave

As you can see Ramana spent a lot of years here. Was unable to photograph inside the Ashram unfortunately but it is another amazing cave to sit in.