Thursday, February 10, 2011

Even more photos

I have absolutely no idea what this contraption is but it looks cool

What about the interesting lump on this guys dome ?

This girl is amazing. Along with her parents they run a little sugar cane crushing drinking type machine. She is so lively and has tremendous personality. very rare here it would seem.

Love these kids, live in a one room hut, mother cooks outside on an open flame. They are absolutely immaculate as you can see, then mum pops them on her bike to take them to school. This is what it's like all over town.

This is so funny to see, see it every day. These Rick-Astleys are designed to comfortably transport two adults, three people at a squeeze. Then they pull up and it's like the Tardis off Doctor Who or something, they just keep coming and coming !

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