Monday, January 10, 2011

Southern most tip of India, Kanyakumari (loosely translated as...Piss and Shit and Filth !!!)

Just how many people can you squeeze onto a bus ?? 
Hundreds upon hundreds of buses, all shapes and sizes, come through Kanykumari every day. Buses that are probably meant to take say 40 people seem to have 80 or more.

This is typical of the "go anywhere" toilet mentality. Not a photo I necessarily like to show but this is what it's like here, pretty much everywhere. 

Just have a goat outside your shop, why not ?
Reminds me of an old saying I like "If something gets on your goat, hide your goat"

A little urchin child. I think maybe one year old, just walking along the road on his own. Mother maybe nearby, who knows ? I couldn't see anyone obvious.

The whole place is a toilet so all the more odd when you see signs up saying "Free Toilet". Then there are others where you have to pay. I never seeing anyone using either. 

The waterfront, Catholic cathedral in the background (Christianity has a big history down here) All the little fishing boats, very humble, all very run down. This was tsunami country several years back, though there is very little evidence of any damage, but then here that doesn't seem to mean much as the place is just so run down, the people extremely poor.

The usual crowded street. Many of these streets don't seem to have vehicles.

One of the few areas on the waterfront where they don't poop, the place they bathe.

The sugar cane drinks. They squeeze the cane through a machine and just add water. This is definitely not something I would try unless I wanted to get extremely ill.

Ice cream vendors everywhere, again not something I would be game to consume. The Indians seem to love their ice cream and then of course as soon as they are finished the rubbish goes immediately on the ground. I have seen only one rubbish bin here and it was empty, what are the chances ??

I love all these little vendors, the guys with their business on their bikes.

So here's a bit of the waterfront and between the road and the water is the most disgusting thing you might ever see. The general rubbish is one thing, the piss and shit is another. A few times I have walked down through some of it to get to a particular part of the beach and found myself dry retching violently. Now I know some of you don't really want to know about this sort of thing but this is life in India to one degree or other.

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