Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pradakshina – The Inner Path

 When I say “Inner Path” that could of course mean, “Inner Path” or “Inner Path”, depending on which perspective you are looking at it from. Either way, today (Tuesday) I walked the Inner path around Arunachala. Last week I walked the Outer Path (which in and of itself could also be considered an “Inner Path”)  on the 14km of various public roads and footpaths by the many millions who do so every year. The Inner Path follows the hill around but for the most part is on bush land close in at the very foot of the hill. A fairly rough path in most places means you have to watch every step but it’s very beautiful and very peaceful most of the way as it is far enough away from the madness of the roads, the crowds and all the noise. Interesting to note also that very few Indians will do this route but those of you who have spent time in India will not be one little bit surprised by that. I’m guessing it’s maybe 12km-13km on this path and I must have really taken my time as it took 6 ½ hours. I had lots of little stops and wandered off the track here and there to look at different things, chat to a few people here and there.
One thing I can tell you that there is no question this is a very powerful place. I can’t explain this as I just don’t understand how these things work but one thing I am coming to understand is that there is a real reason why so many millions of people visit this hill and why for several thousand years so many saints and holy men have gravitated to this area and lived on the hill itself. I’m not going to say any more about this because I don’t want to come across as loopy but all I can say is that we all know that we have certain places we prefer to live, like to visit or just be close because they make us feel a certain way, this place seems to be quite extraordinary in that way.
Tomorrow I am going to the top of the hill, as Arnie would say “It is time !”


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