Monday, January 31, 2011

Extra, Extra Photos

This was a rare treat for me, a real Sadhu out on the mountain, sort of in the middle of nowhere. I was really hesitant to photograph him as he clearly appreciates his privacy. Unlike most of the swami-baba-sadhu-holy men who have their hands out begging when they see you from a distance, this one completely ignored me and continued in his complete silence, didn't even look up for a moment. It's times like there that I am so pleased I bought the zoom lens. I did, however, feel as though I was photographing an endangered species and was tip-toeing around him at a distance. Left him some rupees under a stone and quietly left. If really felt amazing to be in his presence, can't really describe that feeling but his stillness is really something.


I have mentioned in a previous post about the Pradakshina, the walk around Arunachala, well one morning walking into town I saw this woman rolling around the hill. She had a few people protecting her from being run over by a truck or bus or something, one guy wheeling a bike was giving her directions as she kept rolling off course. Rolling14km, now there's a thing !

Just lift your Rick-Astley up onto some rocks for repairs if you don't have a jack !

I really want one of these and of all the jobs in India I would love to be a Rick-Astley driver

Most of the bush, trees and path photos are extra Inner Path photos. I can walk from my hotel 5km in to Ramanashram on the nicest part of the path.

This is my favourite coconut guy, you tend to get your favourite everything here. 10 rupees get you an opened coconut and a straw to drink out of it. These vendors are all over the place and the juice of the coconut is so refreshing and so good for you.

The Canterbury Crusaders seem to have a presence everywhere

This is one of those photo "moments" where the monkey happened to be holding onto this spear sticking out of the ground. They have that sort of thing here, spears  and tridents sticking out of the you do !

There are "tanks" of varying sizes all over town. 
Man-made pools of water where people come to do their washing of clothes and of themselves. A westerner would be dead in three hours if we went in these I think

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